The Queen, seated on her thrown and robed in fine garments holds in her right arm a sword. Her left hand beckons to an unseen audience. Her throne is seated atop a mountain or hill, billowing clouds in the sky behind her.

The Queen of Swords is instantly reminiscent of the Ace of Swords. Both feature the sword held upright and pointed towards the sky. The Ace was the new idea or thought, the flash of inspiration. The Queen is the considered decision. In command of her throne, the Queen is confident of her position and authority. She beckons to an unseen audience to come forth, suggesting she is unafraid of the what may transpire, unafraid of the future.

queen-of-swordsThe Queen of Swords may be the querent or a female influence in the querent’s life. It is likely to be someone in authority, someone who does not act inĀ  subservient role to anyone.

The card may be telling us to be more confident in our abilities and trust our instincts. It may be time to that we trust our analysis of a situation and cease questioning our plan of action. We must act with authority and assuredness.

Whether the query is about work, career or relationships, the Queen of Swords suggests we should act with quiet confidence. Gone is the brashness of the Knight of Swords. The Queen makes her decision and her authority ensures it is carried out. We need to adapt the same stance.

That the Queen is female is suggestive of theĀ intuitive mind of the female. Combined with the suit of Swords the combination points to a mind that cuts through all the noise to see the true situation. She is similar to the major trump card of Justice, unswayed by half truths and illusions.

Reversed: The Queen of Swords reversed suggests that we are not confident in our decisions and are either rushing into things or acting out of haste. We need to consider the options and decide on one – then stick with it.

swords13The Queen does not mince her words. The truth is her guide. When the Queen of Swords appears reversed, it is a sign that we are not being fully honest, either with ourselves or those around us. Decisions are not on a solid base unless we make them on the facts as we might wish they were. We should exercise caution and ensure that we make a decision with all our options having been considered. We should be upfront with people in our dealings with them.



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