Mounted on his horse, the knight charges at full gallop, his sword raised high. His face is in a grimace, his visor raised. Trees and clouds are swept by as the Knight charges.

If the Page of Swords was a call to action, the Knight of Swords is all that action in full force and then some. The card suggests that we are diving headlong into our actions, we are at full throttle. There is a danger that we are act out of haste, that we are rushing into things without thinking them through. The knight’s visor is raised, suggestive that he hasn’t guarded himself properly for battle and he is pictured alone. We could be charging headfirst without knowing who or what we are railing against.

kinght-of-swordsThe landscape is interesting in this card – trees and clouds are swept by, almost as if a strong headwind greets the Knight. His reaction to this is to steel his face, determined that not even strong headwinds will slow his pace.

The card may suggest that perhaps we need to slow down and consider our actions. If ever there was a time to hold onto that letter until the next day before posting, it is now. It is positive that we are determined, verging on fearless and have steeled ourselves to achieve our goals but a bit of time to consider our actions would not go amiss.

Swords are related to our mental faculties so this card is about the determination in our mind. We may be pursuing a train of thought without considering all our options. We may be so focused on one item, that we miss several others.

Reversed: The knight of swords reversed is a strong indication that we are acting on impulse. We are impatient and have not considered our actions. We are a steaming ahead with no regard for ourselves or those around us.

In a way, the Knight of Swords reversed may be telling us that we need to charge. If the query stems from a lack of action, the Knight of swords is suggesting that our charge is being blocked or impaired. We need to ignore the nagging doubts, we need to cast aside our fears and worries and just go at it.



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