The young page stands atop a hill, sword drawn and held by two hands. His gaze seems to be cast backwards. The scene is set against a cloudy blue sky with ten birds flying in the distant background.

page-of-swordsAfter the dramatic and bloody imagery of the ten of swords, the page of swords is the fresh start that we have been waiting for. The ten of swords foretold of tough times that we had little option but to see through. The page of swords is almost telling us that that time has passed and we should get going and fast.

The page stands tall with his sword drawn and upright. It is a call to action. Almost as if the young page is ready to strike with the sword to get going. Swords are related to our mental processes so the page of swords indicates our thoughts should turn towards ploughing ahead towards our goals.

It is interesting to note the manner in which the page turns his head. There is an element of looking towards the past, the ten birds almost hinting that the page is looking back towards the ten of swords. However the drawn sword suggests that it is time we moved beyond that past and that we do not let it trouble us now. It is time to look to the future and put the past to sleep.

swords11Reversed: The page of swords reversed warns us of acting hastily. The young page has his sword drawn and ready to strike even though there is no visible threat. We need to consider our actions prior to rushing headlong into something.

The page of swords in the reversed position may also be telling us that we are paying too much attention to the past. Our progress is hindered because we have not come to accept the past or made peace with it. Our progress could be half hearted because of something in our past and we need to resolve that.


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