A real easy drinking juice that is great first thing in the morning or on a hot summer day. Makes approx. 500ml.

2 carrots
1 mango
1 orange
1 thumbsize piece of ginger

Top and tail the carrots and wash. Peel the orange. Peel and remove the pip from the mango. Juice the whole lot including the ginger.

Mango - picture from Wiki Commons
Mango – picture from Wiki Commons

Mangos hold antioxidant compounds which have been shown to help prevent cancer as well as being high in vitamins A (good for the eyes), C and E.

Carrots are packed with vitamin A and reduce the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.

Oranges are great for detoxing the liver and reduce the risk of skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon cancer. The vitamin C packed into oranges also help trap free radicals within the body.

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