Cheese. It’s everywhere. On chips, burgers, pasta, sandwiches – the list is endless. The US Department of Agriculture reckons we’re eating over 30 pounds of cheese each per year. Truth is, cheese involves a dairy industry that cares far more about profit than animal welfare and eating the stuff promotes inhumane conditions for animals as well as consuming a food that is of little benefit to you.


Our bodies evolved over thousands of years. Eating this much cheese was never part of the plan – and particularly eating so much processed and fake cheese. Growth hormones given to cows to speed up their growth and milk production finds it way into cheese and also any pesicides that have been sprayed on their food. On a holistic level, eating cheese introduces into your system the energy of the animal that is kept unfree and in slavery.

Cheese has also been linked to bladder cancer in some studies.

Pizza without cheese though? It’s far to say most people would fail to see any point in pizza without the main ingredient. But bear with us – pizza without cheese needn’t be a chore. Once you get over the mental hurdle, there really are some great non-cheese pizzas. Without cheese, the taste of the base sauce becomes crucial so it’s worth experimenting.

This is a simple pizza that can be made in less that 30 minutes and is low on fat (hardly any!) and calories. I’m using the homemade tomato sauce from here but you can substitute in a commercially purchased one if you want.

Makes 1 small pizza

2 cups flour
1 cup warm water
Healthy dose of salt (natural sea salt)
Dash of olive oil
Sachet fast rising yeast (can be omitted)
Tomato sauce
Toppings of your choice

For my toppings, I used 1/2 onion, head of brocoli, one tomato and some leftover veggies.

Throw the flour, salt, olive oil and warm water into a bowl and makeĀ  a dough. If you wish to have a pizza base that rises, mix the yeast and water first and leave set for 5 minutes prior to adding to the dough.

Knead the dough for five minutes and leave to rest underneath a bowl for ten minutes. While waiting, prepare your toppings and turn the oven on to gas mark 7 (220 degrees). I like my toppings less than bite size with the onionsĀ  and tomato chopped small.

Roll the dough out in a circular shape (or rectangular if all you have is a rectangular baking tray). After placing the rolled dough onto your tray, apply the tomato sauce and then your toppings.

Pop into the oven for approx. 20 minutes to 30 minutes and viola! Delicious, healthy, homemade pizza with no cheese!

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