A lady sits in front of the ocean, her arms crossed and holding two swords. She is blindfolded. In the background is the ocean with some land in the far off distance. The moon is visible in the sky.

Even though the lady is blindfolded, her hands are free and hold two swords. She is not blindfolded against her will, rather she is quiet free to remove the blindfold if she wishes. The suggestion is that she is willfully blindfolded, that she is refusing to look or see what is around her.


two-of-swordsThe card denotes that we may be ignoring or refusing to see the choices or situation around us. Perhaps we cannot handle events in our lives other than by ignoring their presence, ”burying our head in the sand.” The crossed swords are indicative that we are closing off our emotions, shielding our heart from the outside world. We may be refusing to allow ourselves to be emotional or repressing our emotions. We could be refusing help or kindness from the outside world, preferring instead the cocoon we build for ourselves with the blindfold and crossed arms.


In contrast to the clarity and understanding of the Ace of Swords the Two of Swords is a card in which we act blind. There may be options before us that we could assess were we to remove the blindfold but we chose not to do so.


Given the above, it is ironic that the moon is a waxing moon, that is, it is growing. The significance is that this period is a time of growth despite our intentions to cut ourselves off from surrounding events. We cannot ignore the choice we must make forever. At some stage, we will have to deal with the situation or event. Through making difficult choices, confronting reality, opening ourselves up to the world, we will grow.


The blindfold also suggests that information we need to make a decision is missing. The woman cannot see the ocean behind her, yet it would be hard to believe that she does not know it is there. She can hear and smell it. Her senses tell her its there. Our senses may be telling us something even though we cannot see it. The card may be telling us we should trust our senses and intuition when we are acting ”blind”.


The suit of swords reflects the mental state and so the Two of Swords tells us our problems are mental rather than physical ones. The tough decisions we must make play on our minds, stress us and flick a switch inside us that turns our attention inwards rather than outwards to the problem. We would do well at this point to remove the blindfold and open our arms. It may not make the choice easier but it will allow us to have all the information we can gather at our disposal before we make a decision that must be made, blindfolded or not.


Reversed: The Two of Swords reversed amplifies the message that we are willfully ignoring events around us. We are in danger of cutting ourselves off from the world and may suffer adverse effects if we continue this path. We should make a conscious effort to remove our blindfold and face up to reality.


We need to grasp the situation and use it to grow. The Two of Swords reversed or otherwise does not portend disaster or bad outcomes despite its dramatic imagery. Rather it suggests that once we remove the blindfold opportunity for growth exists.


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