Ten of Pentacles

In the ten of pentacles we see an aged man in a rich, flowing robe, possibly royalty. He is seated in the village centre, or close to the entrance. Two dogs are at his feet. The robe is inscribed with crests, possibly family crests. On the archway above him is another crest, possibly the town or village crest while there is also an engraving of the scales of justice just above his head. Nearby are a man, woman and young child. They are possibly a family. The buildings appear well kept and walled in, green forests lying just outside the walls. The ten pentacles are laid out in the image in the shape of the Tree of Life.

This is a card of achievement and wisdom. We have traveled a long path and finally we are secure in our position. We have achieved our goals and enough wealth surrounds us that we do not have to actively worry about earning the next pentacle. The old man is possibly royal, symbolizing authority, wisdom and command. It is interesting that he sits by an arch, almost as if controlling who enters and leaves. After working so hard at our project, we may find ourselves in a similar position. We are in supreme command and decide what happens our wealth and success.

 Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card
Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card

The young couple in the background may be a son or daughter. They live on the old man”s wealth, wearing rich robes. Perhaps they are actively managing his business under his guidance. Another generation, maybe a grandchild is on the way up.

This is not a card of quick riches. The path all through the pentacles has been followed, our labour has accumulated steady reward. Now we are enjoying our success and watching as the younger generation take it over. In a way, it is the story of conservatism. The old man isn”t gambling away his wealth nor wasting it, but keeping a watchful eye. Yet he retains his distance.

The ten of pentacles hints in this way that perhaps we are passing over day to day control to somebody younger or more able. It is time we enjoy our success yet we may be called upon to give guidance and wisdom to those coming along the path. Our hard earned control of the ”village” means we may still have the supreme say in what happens but the minor day to day details can be left to others more capable. It is also therefore a card of change, albeit slow and steady change. There are no sudden changes, no quick riches, no rash decisions. The card may be warning us to take things slowly, not to rush to judgment on what to do.

That the scales of justice appear just above the old man”s head suggest that we are careful in our approach and even handed in our decisions. We weight the options carefully before giving counsel. The walls suggest we are secure, that there is no immediate threat to our position. This is a time of enjoying life and the rewards we have earned.

In relationships, we may see grandchildren being born. The card reminds us that even though we are wealthy, the ties we have with the past and future are even more important. The old man is possibly happy because he sees a worthy successor coming along after him. He is not miserable with his wealth but happy to share it with his blood.

We enjoy a period of stability and calm. Younger generations may seek our advice on material matters and we should carefully consider their requests and ensure we are fair and honest in our answers.

 Ten of Pentacles
Ten of Pentacles

Ten’s on the tree of life belong to Malkuth, the Kingdom, this world. Malkuth is very much about the more material things in this life. We are all in the realm of Malkuth. This card bodes well for material matters and tells us that success is coming.

Ten of Pentacles Reversed

The Ten of Pentacles reversed warns us that perhaps we should seek advice from somebody we trust on a matter, someone who has traveled our path before.

We may have to make a decision on the future of our business or venture. Decisions should be fair and balanced, the symbol of the scales of justice reminding us that all our actions are weighed in the end.

The ten of pentacles reversed also signals problems with success and achievement. There may be a limit to what we can achieve on a given path or despite all our hard work, success is not forthcoming. There may be disputes within the family about wealth or property.

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