In the ten of cups we see a husband and wife beckoning towards a rainbow of ten cups, arching in the sky above them. Two children play beside them. In the background is a house or village.

Even though the nine of cups indicated success, there was a warning within it that it could be a lonely, smug success. The ten of cups is true success, one in which we are both successful and fulfilled. It is a hugely positive card to receive in a reading.


ten-of-cupsThe presence of husband and wife and their children indicates fulfillment on a deeper plane. The ten cups have been attained, but it is not them that brings satisfaction. The life of the family brings happiness and satisfaction. The message suggests that even though we have being striving to attain the ten cups and reach our objectives, the real happiness is in what they allow us to do – spend time with loved ones or providing a financial safety net where we can enjoy our good fortune with those close to us.


The ten cups are beckoned to by both the man and wife. It is a shared happiness, not one that is greedily guarded by either. The card indicates that our happiness will be shared with others.


Reversed: The ten of cups reversed signals delays or frustrations in attaining our goals. We may be unsure of our financial stability or investments and there is a bit to go yet before we attain success.


More importantly, the ten of cups reversed suggests we are denying ourselves the fulfillment sharing brings. We may have already enjoyed success but are hoarding it or hiding it from others. The ten of cups encourages us to share our success and let ourselves go into the caring arms of others. Then, we will really know the real message of the ten of cups – that it is not the material cups that bring us happiness but sharing our material success that does so.



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