In the six of pentacles we see a well off gentleman giving money to beggars. In his other hand he holds a scales. We get a glimpse of a village or home in the background.

The scene contrasts sharply with the five of pentacles where two wretched souls made their way through the snow, the warmth and wealth of an institution reflected in a stained glass window holding five pentacles. Here, what looks like a wealthy gentleman has ventured out in the country, away from his village or home. We can see a building in the far off distances, perhaps telling us that the man has gone looking for people to help.


Six of PentaclesIn his hand he holds the scales. The scales could represent the weighing of the options by the man. He can give the beggars money and have a good deed to his credit or ignore them. A sense of karma is reflected through the symbolism of the scales, that our good deeds will be weighed against our bad.

The man is turned towards the beggars. He is not throwing money at them as he hurries past, but seems to have the time to engage in conversation with them. He seems to have little concern for giving away his wealth, safe in the knowledge that he has accumulated enough that he can spare the change he gives away.


Sixes in general are associated with harmony, balance and consciousness and the six of pentacles embodies all these aspects.


In readings, the six of pentacles denotes that we are relatively well off whether spiritually or financially. Our relationships are doing well. Family life is harmonious. Finances are balanced with income and outgoings matching each other. The obvious suggestion of the card is that we should look to do good with our ”six pentacles” whether they be financial, spiritual or relationship based. We must weigh the options available to us and decide on the best action to take. This man seems to have carefully weighed the amount to give, or weighed his actions. We should not give blindly but give appropriately because we think it is the best thing to do.


A more subtle meaning of the card is that we may be in receipt of a donation shortly. Rather than being depicted by the man, we may be the beggars, The card suggests that when we get a donation, that we do not waste it for the scales will be used again on us and if we waste what we get, who”s to say whether we will be so fortunate next time? In the picture, the beggars are looking up gratefully at their donar. We must be grateful for the gifts we receive too, no matter how large or small.


coins06Reversed: The six of pentacles reversed is a warning that we may be in danger of becoming miserly. We may be hoarding our wealthy, ignorant that financial assets and material possessions are often the least valuable things in our lives. The scales in the card suggest that we are being judged and reversed, that the balance is tipping into the negative.

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