In the six of cups we see a young man offer a full cup to a lady. Five other cups are apparent, each full and topped with a flower. The scene is set in the middle of a village. In the background, a soldier with a spear appears to be on patrol.

After the disappointment and loss associated with the five of cups, the six of cups is a fantastic contrast to receive. The scene is full of happiness and plenty. The six cups are full and overflowing. The young man seems to have cups to spare, so much so that he offers the lady one of his cups. The message conveyed is that we should be generous with our belongings. Giving gifts, of time, money or materials is forecast. Alternatively, we may find ourselves on the receiving end of a gift. Someone may offer us a gift and we should accept it with joy in our heart.


six-of-cupsInterestingly, the guard on patrol in the background suggests some strife outside the safety of the village walls. Although we may presently be enjoying our time and want for very little, we should be aware that there is still a struggle outside our immediate circle or time. The scenic village and plentiful cups will have to be guarded. We should be prepared to guard our own resources whether they be financial, relationships or spiritual.


Alternatively, we could say that the young man ignores the guard. His world is a world of generosity, well meaning and well intentioned acts. Battle and conflict over material goods is not something he would consider worthy of his time.


The cup is used as a symbol of a gift in the card but gifts have a wide variety of meaning. Gifts can range from financial donations, to presents to doing someone a favour or good turn. We should be on the lookout for someone who may need our help. That this scene is set in the centre of a village suggests that the man and lady do not necessarily know each other. Were it a close friend or family member, the scene might be set in the family home or another familiar setting. Instead, it seems the young man has given a gift to a ”passer-by” and we should be aware of those who pass us by and what they may need.


Reversed: The six of cups reversed urges us not to be selfish. We have plenty of what we require. Sometimes what we want is borne out of insecurity and may not be what we need. It may be over and above what we need and we should consider donating or giving some of it away.

The card reversed also denotes that we may be ignoring those around us and what they need. Perhaps we are too focused on our own concerns to notice hardship around us. We should take a moment to reflect on those around us and do something because it is the right thing to do – not because we expect something in return.


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