Queen of Pentacles

In the Queen of Pentacles we see a queen seated in a royal chair. In her hands she holds a single pentacle, her gaze focused on it as she contemplates it. A rams head is visible on the chair. On the side of the chair is the faint outline of a gargoyle while above her head we can make out the face of a child or angel, etched into the stone. Flowers surround her chair and the scene is framed by a branch that arches over the queen. In the bottom right we see a rabbit.

The scene in the card suggests wealth and power but with feminine qualities. The card bodes well for queries on projects or ventures and denotes a successful outcome. We will soon be able to relax and appreciate our wealth but curiously enough, our wealth may not be our primary concern. There could be other things that come our way or paths we discover which relegate our material assets or finances to a lesser status. We may be well off and comfortable and will keep one hand on our finances from our throne but our attention may well be elsewhere.

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card
Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card

The rabbit in the bottom right signifies fertility. We may conceive a child or our projects may bear fruit. Jobs we undertake will lead to more opportunities. It is a time of saying ”yes” to offers or invitations that come our way.

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Like all the court cards of pentacles, the queen holds just one pentacle. Like the page and knight, she gazes at it as if contemplating its meaning. However, there are clues in the card that hidden behind the queen is a deeper meaning. Unlike the page and knight however, the clues suggest that the queen is aware of this deeper level for she either guards it or has conquered her fear of it.

On the arm of her chair is a ram”s skull head. Rams are symbolic of raw energy, aggression, of the star sign of Aries. The ram is very much a male symbol. On the side of her chair is the faint outline of a gargoyle. Above her head is the face of an angel or child. All these symbols suggest another world, a non physical world that has been faced and conquered by the queen. She now sits on her throne after subduing all these creatures, she is in control of her domain.

She is reminiscent of the mother who has seen it all. She has been through the long nights and heart break, the worry, trauma and battles that come with raising children. Yet she still retains a bottomless well of love.

She sits serenely, her warm coloured robes enhancing the soft aspect that she is approachable and caring. She may represent someone generous, someone we can talk to or who cares for us. Yet behind the generous facade is a character of strength, someone who has faced their own demons or beasts and have won the battle. She is at ease because she knows that come what may her inner strength will prevail, that not even the gargoyle or ram can defeat it. Her confidence is hard won.

Queen of Pentacles
Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles Reversed

The Queen of Pentacles reversed warns us to beware of losing control of our finances. Although it may be a time of plenty we should keep a watchful eye over them lest we waste what we have accumulated.

We may be frustrated in trying to conceive or there are delays in bringing projects to fruition. It is important that we accept offers of help or invitations or avoid cutting ourselves off from the outside world.

We may not be strong enough to withstand challenges, particularly emotional challenges. We should resolve ourselves that a period may be forthcoming when we will have to rely on our inner strengths and be confident that we will come out the other side just fine. Like the Queen, if we can maintain our composure and ”motherly” qualities of determination, love and caring, we will defeat even the ugliest challenges that come with the ram and gargoyle.

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