In the page of pentacles we see a young man gazing at a single pentacle. His attire is that of a royal family or at least a wealthy family. He stands in a field, another ploughed field visible in the background. Mountains frame the back of the image.

Although it is likely the page is not in want of money given his position in life, he still gazes at the pentacle he holds as if pondering its meaning or what he could do with it. He is almost childlike in his appearance, youthful and innocent in his demeanor.


page-of-pentaclesPages in the Tarot are all about new ideas and changes, new projects or ventures. It is possible that we approach these with some wealth already behind us. Taking the idea of the page literally, we may have family wealth or previously accumulated wealth that we will use to to get our project off the ground with.


However, the page of pentacles warns us that we may be approaching our venture with an innocence around us. We may be unaware of how treacherous or dangerous the path will be. We are children with money but no concept of the hard labour involved in earning it or the the risks investing it brings.


Like children, we may have the best ideas in the world but are lacking in grounding them in reality. We need to start taking concrete actions to bring our ideas about in reality.


There is also the sense that the page is gazing at the pentacle as if contemplating its meaning. There may be an inkling of something deeper than the pentacle and this card encourages us to explore that hunch.


Pondering the pentacle he holds and what he could do with it, there is a strong theme of short term thinking in this card. Fleeting ideas and plans pass us by week by week. This card urges us to engage in longer term planning to take advantage of the ideas that normally pass us by.


coins11Reversed: The page of pentacles reversed warns us that we are rushing into actions or projects with no concept of the path ahead. We have reverted to an even more child like innocence. We view our projects as bound to succeed or easy to implement when in reality they will prove much more frustrating or time consuming to implement.


We may also be delayed in starting our projects or ventures. Blockages may crop up that we will have to overcome and the page of pentacles warns us to be prepared to work through these before we see the implementation of our dreams.


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