In the Page of Cups we see a young man holding a cup in one hand. A fish is visible within the cup. In the background is a body of water.

page-of-cupsThe page is dressed in well-off clothing. A member of a wealthy or noble family, his clothes do not portray someone in want of wealth. He has everything he wants yet he stands there contemplating the cup he holds in one hand.


It is almost as if our page has his suspicions that there is more to life, that there is more to the cup he holds in his hand.


It is possible that we have accumulated the ten cups in the previous cards and we are the page depicted in this card. Pages in the Tarot are all about new beginnings or changes, new projects and undertakings. We are no longer happy to merely have a cup but we seek to understand their deeper meaning. We have finally realized or are about to realise that there is a deeper meaning to life.


It is apt then that out of the cup a fish appears. Fish have traditionally been used to depict life and birth. In Catholicism, we see fish in the ”fishes and loves” tale as well as Jesus coming across the fisherman ”gathering in the nets”. Pagans used the fish symbol centuries earlier to depict life (the outline of the fish representing the vulva of mother earth) and in more modern times the symbol of the fish has been used to depict the Age of Pisces.


The fish in the page of cups reinforces the theme of new directions / life / beginnings. We may seek to understand more about our position in life or what we have achieved thus far. We may be tiring of our current path and debating a change in career, possibly to something more meaningful to us.


Cups represent the emotions so it is possible that our new beginning or project may be something creative, sometime that comes from within us.


Reversed: We are in danger of denying some truths to ourselves. At times we simply know that our current path has run its course. We may have grown weary of our career, tired of our project or emotionally and spiritually reached a new phase in our lives. Yet many of us will studiously ignore our own inner voice, afraid of change and what the future may bring. We should pay attention to what we are telling ourselves for true happiness comes from listening to our inner voices.


cups11The Page of Cups reversed warns us to look our for a messenger or sign that may be coming our way. Like the page contemplating the fish in the cup we may come across some sign that will signal to us what to do, often at the most unexpected time. In the card, the page could be raising his cup to drink or in a toast. Yet a fish appears in the cup. We should be aware of messages or signs at the most inopportune moments in our lives.

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