Nine of Pentacles

In the Nine of Pentacles we see a lady dressed in splendid attire. Around her are nine pentacles and she gently rests her hand on one of them. In her raised hand is a bird. She seems to be contemplating it. Surrounding her is lush vegetation, a vineyard. In the background, we glimpse the now familiar home or village.

Having followed our path from the idea we held in the ace of pentacles, the turmoil in the five of pentacles and the steady labour in the seven and eight of pentacles, the nine of pentacles denotes that we have achieved much.

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card
Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card

Nine pentacles surround the lady but in contrast to the previous two cards, she is not hard at labour. Instead, she seems to be enjoying the fruits of success. She wears a flowing robe and a rich headband. Instead of tending to the garden she is strolling through it, enjoying the lush vegetation.

In her hand is a bird, possibly a falcon. Falcons were once the preserve of the rich and landed gentry, used for hunting and sport. The card denotes a sense of fullfilment. Our needs have been met, we have invested the hard work and now we can enjoy the rewards.

Yet her gaze suggests something loftier than merely enjoying the material aspects of life. Even though one hand rests on the pentacles, as if gently tending to them, her thoughts are elsewhere. It is fitting that when we achieve success we should consider what we do with that success or what our higher goals or ambitions are.

Her hands are the position of the magician or mage in the major arcana. One hand points down to the pentacles, the other up to the heavens, though her stance is incomplete as her hand levels off to allow the falcon a perch.

Whether the lady is contemplating the bird and its link to higher levels of existence or she contemplates her success and life is debatable. In either case, the material symbolism of the nine pentacles no longer occupies her thoughts. That her hand levels off and does not point fully to the heavens is suggestive that she has not fully made the link between this existence and higher planes. Yet she is tantalisingly close and her contemplations will hopefully lead her to remember the connection.

We saw in the seven of pentacles the labourers gaze set upon the pentacles. In the eight of pentacles we worked methodologically to perfect our work. Here in the nine of pentacles, all that is behind us. Yet there is a feeling within the card of something higher than mere pentacles.

Nines on the Tree of life are linked to Yesod, the sphere of imagination and reflection. This card amply suggests both.

In readings, the nine of pentacles is a good card for material and earthly queries. It denotes success, that we will enjoy wealth. Whether it is earned or falls to us is difficult to make out from the card but in any case, pleasure and financial stability are suggested. However, we should consider what to do with that wealth.

Nine of Pentacles
Nine of Pentacles

The card denotes satisfaction and pleasure in relationships and spiritual matters. We will enjoy a stable period, a pleasurable time.

Nine of Pentacles Reversed

The nine of pentacles reversed suggests delays in achieving stability. We may not be quiet there in fulfilling our goals or our finances may be another while coming right.

Reversed also reminds us to remember that not all in this life is earthly. Even though we may come into wealth or achieve our goals we should remember loftier ideals and consider what to do with our resources.

If we are working hard, we should take a breather. Like the lady in the card, maybe we need to relax for a while and enjoy what we have accomplished. Getting away from work to relax may be difficult or delayed but we should ensure we find the time to do so.

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