In the knight of pentacles we see a knight clad in armour contemplating a pentacle he holds in his hand. His visor is up and he has paused in his journey to gaze at the pentacle.

The manner in which the knight holds the pentacle before him is reminiscent of the page of pentacles. The knight seems to be contemplating the pentacle as if wondering where it will lead him or if there is something deeper about it.


knight-of-pentaclesKnights in the Tarot are all about action. After the childlike innocence of the page where the pentacle was something held aloft in the air representing the lack of action over an idea, the knight of pentacles has progressed to pursuing the dream. He has donned his armour, mounted his steed and ventured out on a path in the hope of realising his dreams. The single pentacle both guides him and reminds him of what he seeks.


In readings, the knight of pentacles suggests that we have or are about to embark on a venture or project. We will move past the phase of merely thinking about things to pursuing them. While we pursue our goals, the knight also reminds us to stick with our principles. The knight has sworn to serve a set of rules, not to give into temptation. We should try to act with the same principles as the knight. Honesty, hard work and loyalty are all keywords for the Knight and we should keep them before us in our dealings with others.


The Knight of Pentacles is a good omen to receive for new ventures. The determination of the knight should give us a good chance of a positive outcome, of achieving our goal. However, the knight has donned his armour. Challenges along the way are to be expected and we may even find ourselves in battle. Despite these difficulties, we should continually remember to act at all times with the noblest of values and to persevere in our efforts.


The knight has been well trained in his field. He continually hones his skills and we should ensure that we perfect and practice our own skills and crafts.


coins12Reversed: The Knight of Pentacles reversed denotes frustration or delays along our path. We may become embroiled in arguments or disputes or find it difficult to progress our plans. Reversed, we may be in danger of ignoring the values of the knight and engaging in deceitfulness, robbery, greed or idle gossip. The knight might refer to others around us and we should be wary of dealings or exchanges when the Knight of Pentacles shows up reversed.


When the knight is reversed we are at risk of two extremes. On the one hand we may be too conservative to the point of being stubborn or boring. We have lost the knight”s thirst for adventure. We may also be at the other extreme of the spectrum and have become too adventurous to the point of being careless. We may be rushing headlong into a venture without thinking it through.

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