King of Pentacles

Here we see a King in all his regalia. Adorned in rich robes he holds a staff with a globe on top. In his other hand is a pentacle, balanced upon his knee. He gazes downwards at it. His throne is adorned with wreaths and garlands. Etched into the chair are carvings of ram heads. Behind his foot is a carved horned figure, possibly a gargoyle or bull. We can see one foot clad in armour. It rests upon what looks like a bull or pig head.

After a long journey through the pentacles, the King is the symbol of success He rules his kingdom, his authority symbolised by the staff and globe – possibly symbolising the world. He is clad in rich clothing and despite his authority, looks approachable. Yet beneath the soft exterior we see a leg clad in armour. The King is ready to do battle to protect his position or interests.

King of Pentacles Tarot Card
King of Pentacles Tarot Card

Around the King carved on the chair are rams heads. Behind his armoured foot there looks like a bull”s head or gargoyle. Beneath his foot is another bull or pig head (the latter is difficult to make out). The carvings of animals are symbolic of a King that has overcome difficulties and battles in his quest for power. He now rules over all, conformable in his success yet ready to do battle again as evidenced by his armoured foot.

Behind the King is the now very familiar village or home. Yet with the King in front of it, the buildings almost resemble a castle, further symbolism of the success the King enjoys.

In readings the King of Pentacles represents success and wealth. We have come through may battles and fought our way through obstacles and obstructions but we are successful. The card is a positive omen for all types of enterprises, ventures and new businesses.

The King may also represent authority. We may soon be called upon to exercise our own authority for the good of the ”village” or ourselves. We will have to ensure that our judgment is both fair and authoritative, that we speak with one clear voice and avoid dithering over decisions.

The King may also be an authoritative figure who we come across. We should pay heed to his words for he is wise and trusted by his people to lead them.

King of Pentacles
King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles Reversed

The King of Pentacles reversed warns us against becoming too complacent in our position. We are kings because of what we have come through. We should remember our foot on top of the bull or pig, a symbol that we should continually be wary of those that would throw us from our hard earned throne.

The King reversed also suggests that we may be too authoritative. Perhaps we have let power go to our heads and are dominant beyond reason. We are in danger of expecting people to obey us because of our position rather than who we are – always a proposition that fails eventually. The King may also represent an authoritative figure that we either know or will come up against. In the reversed position we should treat them with caution because in all likelihood, they do not have our best interests at heart. He may be overly greedy, snobbish, condescending or just plain evil.

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