Eight of Pentacles

In the eight of pentacles we see a man labouring with a chisel and hammer, carving pentacles. Six pentacles are stacked up along a tree trunk. He works at one pentacle while another lies finished at his feet. He sits on a bench with the pentacle he works on propped up to allow for accurate and steady carving. In the background, we can see a path leading through an arch to his home or village. His clothes are ragged, suggestive of work clothing.

Eights in the Tree of Life are all about logic, structure and intellect. The trunk of the tree we see may be a reference to the Tree of Life. Indeed, the whole work methodology of the labourer is structured. In the seven of pentacles we saw pentacles strewn in a heap, signifying accumulated wealth. That message continues in the eight of pentacles but the accumulation of wealth is by no means haphazard.

Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card
Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card

The six pentacles on the tree trunk are ordered in a vertical column. The man seems to be working on the pentacles, one after the other, in an orderly fashion. He has the tools he needs, from the hammer and chisel right down to the bench and a block on which to prop the pentacle he works on. He wears the proper attire. He is in his work ”environment”, not in the village or at home where he can be distracted. The pentacles are made from wood, perhaps garnered from the tree next to him, symbolising he has the material he requires.

The message of logic, structure and intellect are obvious.

The eight of pentacles symbolises the continued accumulation of wealth. Work is required but we should undertake that work in a structured fashion. We have the tools we require, the materials we need and the workspace. We need to set about our work with a plan and a commitment and we will continue towards achieving our goals.

Interestingly, all eight pentacles are already carved with the pentagram. Whether he has finished the one at his foot or the six stacked up along the tree, that they are already carved suggests that what he is engaged in is refining them, perhaps correcting mistakes in them or carving them deeper. The message is that we may be perfecting the finer detail in our work. We may be engaged in improving our skills or learning more on a deeper level about our project.

In financial readings, the card warns us to do our research and plan out our finances. We should read the fine print carefully and ensure everything is in order.

In work, we may be about to embark on some education that teaches us the finer points of our field, that deepens our understanding of our skill or trade. We may need to map out our working week, setting goals and targets to achieve. Logic and structure are paramount and if we manage to structure our query, achievement of our goals will follow.

In relationship, love or spiritual readings, the message is the same. We may need to ”plan” how we will find love. For example, perhaps we need to join social groups to broaden our social interaction with people. That is part of our plan to find love. In relationships, perhaps we need to plan time with our loved ones. We may need to attune ourselves to the detail in our relationships.

Eight of Pentacles
Eight of Pentacles

The path in the background to the worker”s home or village has a double meaning. On the one hand it suggests that we are absorbed in our work. We have made space for ourselves in which to study and perfect our skill. On the other hand, the path reminds us that we we work for a purpose. To provide for those we love or having learnt our trade, to continue our path onwards.

 The man will finish his work and head home in the evening, carrying his pentacles with him. It suggests that we won”t always be labouring away with no time for family life, but if we structure our work we can make time for other pursuits, in the case of this card, family or home life. Our work should not be an all consuming passion, but when we are at work, we should apply ourselves in a methodological fashion.

Eight of Pentacles Reversed

The Eight of Pentacles reversed warns us that we are lacking in structure or work ethic. We may be scattered at work, lacking goals, jumping from one thing to the next. We need to plan how to achieve our goals.

In relationships, we may need commit work to them and nurture them. The card reversed denotes that we may be letting our relationships suffer either by way of not committing enough time to them or letting other things get in the way. Perhaps we keep cancelling dates because of work. Or we fail to commit time and energy to our relationships, instead slouching on the couch all night. Whatever we are at, it will work better if we plot a path for it and commit our focused energy to it.

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