Four hundred years ago, Pendle in the UK saw ten twelve people put on trial for witchcraft and the murder of ten people. Ten of the ”witches”were  hanged in public (another died in prison) and one was acquited. Organisers of a charity walk are hoping to see modern day witches flood the area this August – the anniversary of the trials – for what they hope will raise thousands of pounds for for the local Pendleside hospice.

The Pendle Witch Trials have beeen shown to be flawed with much of the ”evidence” based on the testimony of a nine year old child.


On the 18th August, 2012, people are invited to take part in a five mile circular walk that will take in Pendle Hill – and even better if they”ll show up in fancy dress as witches, say the organisers. Refreshments will be provided at the end of the walk.


You can learn more about the Pendle Witch Walk and register here.

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