Three of Pentacles

In a scene set in a church a mason works while talking to two holy men or monks. The mason has his tools in his hands, elevated off the floor by a small bench. The two holy men are holding papers, possibly drawings or instructions.

Three of Pentacles Tarot Card
Three of Pentacles Tarot Card

The Tree of Life tells us that three is associated with realization and understanding. One (aces) is the Eternal (the divine), two is creation. Three therefore, is the third point of the triangle which gives us a reference frame for a three dimensional reality ~ by that it means we have a frame to measure both the distance and depth of a point relative to the two others.

This card is very much one of understanding and realization. The young man working is busy completing his work. The idea depicted in the Ace of Pentacles has taken form in the Two of Pentacles (creation) and is now becoming a realization in the Three of Pentacles. The project has not come about by itself. Only by working and putting in time and effort does the young man build his structure.

Yet even though he is working, the man finds time to discuss with the holy men their plans. He is listening to them, perhaps they are giving him pointers or ideas for further work. They too seem to have their heads tilted, as if they are listening to his words in return. In that regard, the card suggests teamwork as a means of furthering the project for all involved. There is understanding from all sides, a necessary ingredient in any team.

The depths of the building he works on is shrouded in blackness. This reminds us that even though our project is underway, there is still some way to go. We are by no means finished and the path ahead is still covered over and uncertain.

That the mason or young man is elevated above the holy men (or man and woman) is significant in that as he is the one working, he holds a certain status above those holding mere plans. The message is that plans are not enough. The blueprints held by the holy men will not build a cathedral. Only by picking up tools and working will the cathedral be built. Yet both are required. Plans and work form the basis of successful ventures. Either on its own might result in a lesser or no cathedral.

Three of Pentacles Reversed

The Three of Pentacles reversed tells us we may not be listening to advice or a team may not be working together. We need to listen to those around us, heed their words and give our own feedback. Plans for work have not been laid or are not clear. We should avoid rushing off on our own path or project and seek the input of those around us, particularly those that may have experience in our field.

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