Reaching out from the clouds, a hand holds the first of the pentacles of this suit. Just like the suit of wands and cups, the imagery of clouds represents our hope, possibilities and a future that we can only glimpse through the actions of the present. It is not a promise that all will be well, but a sign that by taking the first step, we may allow ourselves the chance of reaching our goal.


Ace of Pentacles from the Rider Waite Deck
Ace of Pentacles from the Rider Waite Deck

The path leads us through a garden with flowers and shrubs. It is a garden that is walled in by hedges, possibly indicating our present situation. But there is a choice – to leave via the path and purse the opportunities presented by the ace of pentacles that has appeared in the clouds. The mountains in the distance signify that the path may not be without its troubles or difficulties but that quiet is will not be!


The pentacle symbolizes earthly matters in our lives. Financial matters, possessions, work and projects are represented by the suit of pentacles. The Ace of pentacles suggests to us something new, a new beginning, a new path, new finance, new undertaking, new possessions, new opportunities in earthly matters. It is a positive card, one that encourages us to try something new.


In understanding the ace of pentacles when reading it from a perspective unrelated to worldly concerns, we should remain with its positive and wealth meaning. In love, it may mean an abundance of love, in spiritual matters it may speak to us of new paths or greater understanding as we travel our path ahead of us.


Of course, the Ace of Pentacles is only the beginning of the suit. There is still a journey ahead of us and that journey will not be without its difficulties. What may have begun as an idea (the clouds holding the pentacle) will need us to follow the path in the card to realize the full potential of our idea. We should not be discouraged by the sight of the mountains in the background, but rather seeing them, make a plan to overcome them.


In the absence of a new undertaking or venture, this card suggests that perhaps we should begin looking for one. There is no potential remaining locked inside the garden depicted in the card – the potential in the card comes from the path that leads out into the wider world. The Ace of Pentacles may be telling us we need to try something new, even when that path is daunting to us.


Surrounding the almost god like or angelic hands are the beams of light or a depiction of something that has almost just appeared out of ”thin air”. This can signify that luck or good fortune may be about to befall us. But its interesting that the hand isn”t dropping the pentacle into our lap nor is the pentacle falling towards us. It remains firmly within the hand, suggesting that even though we may be blessed with good fortune or a sudden windfall, to reap the full benefit of our luck or new venture we must work at it. We must still seek the path and overcome the difficulties that we encounter, but at the end the time and effort will have been worth it.


Reversed: The Ace of Pentacles reversed suggests that we are confined within the garden depicted in the card. Maybe we need to search for a way out of it. Reversed could indicate that we are ignorant of the opportunities presented to us or afraid to try new things. When this card appears reversed in relation to readings on matters of wealth, it could signify potential losses or dangers to financial status. As it is a card very much root in the ”possible” rather than ”actual”, the losses may not have been realized yet but there is a very real possibility that they will come our way.


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