A nurse in Zimbabwe has collapsed after encountering a witch sucking blood from a patient in a hospital. The nurse at Gweru General Hospital was doing her routine rounds when she entered a room only to find a patient with the drip removed and a ”witch” bent over sucking blood from him.

She immediately fainted and was being tended to by doctors, but was able to describe the incident to officials. Now other nurses at the hospital are afraid to work nights.

Zimbabwe, like a lot of African countries, are still rife with fears over witches and their powers. Numerous powers are attribute to them and witches are often killed and beaten to death. ”Child sorcerers” are abandoned by parents, afraid that local ministers of various faiths will make the whole family outcasts if they do not get rid of the children. In most cases, the stories about ”witches” and ”sorcerers” are simply fabricated by those seeking new followers of faiths or as scams to make money.

Hospital superintendant Dr Fabian Mashingaidze seemed to have more common sense about him as he dismissed reports of a witch. “Let me assure the general public that there is no incident of that sort which happened at Gweru Provincial Hospital. It”s a fabrication from some people who are fantasising,” Dr Mashingaidze said.

“The nurse is being attended to by one of the doctors but her condition and the nature of the ailment is confidential.”

Furthermore, he said initial reports filed of the nurse fainting made no reference to a witch or anything out of the ordinary.

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